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Brian Bohley, Owner


Brian is the driving force behind goodbookin and through starting and operating multiple businesses over the years understands many of the challenges faced by microbusiness owners. Through his accounting background, he recognized that while many entrepreneurs excel in their fields, they often grapple with the intricacies of bookkeeping and other timesucking tasks. This led Brian to create goodbookin with a distinct mission: to save business owners significant amounts of time and to make professional bookkeeping so affordable that it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their business size or budget.

With this aim in mind, goodbookin is developing bookassure through its own methodology, a groundbreaking app tailored to enhance communication between business owners and their bookkeepers. bookassure isn’t just another app; it’s a testament to Brian’s dedication to reshaping the traditional bookkeeping model. By optimizing communication, bookassure cuts down on misunderstandings and delays often through emails, calls, texts, spreadsheets, tasks, and inefficient accounting apps.

Under Brian’s leadership, Goodbookin isn’t just a service. It’s a commitment to leveling the playing field, ensuring every business owner has the opportunity to access professional bookkeeping services without breaking the bank. Dive into a new era of affordable, efficient bookkeeping with goodbookin and let bookassure methodology pave the way for seamless financial readiness.